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What is it?

Psychoanalysis is based on the idea that people are frequently motivated by wishes and desires that are rooted in their unconscious and therefore go unrecognized. MendCenter clinicians listen to patients’ speech (utterances, stories, fantasies and dreams) and sift out the structuring logic of this speech in order to build a better understanding of what they are experiencing. This provides a unique perspective that is hard for those close to the patient, such as family and friends, to see.

Talking with our clinicians helps patients to identify underlying problematic patterns and behaviors. By analyzing transference and countertransference, analyst and patient can jointly discover paths toward long-term change and healing.

How we do it


Initial Consultation

The first step is the initial assessment, where the analyst and patient begin to work together to identify underlying problematic patterns and behaviors.


Treatment plan

Our clinicians will work with patients and their families to develop a plan tailored to their symptoms and psychological treatment needs.



In addition to treatment sessions, patients and their families will meet with clinicians to assess progress and develop a plan for the next phase of healing.

Who is it for

Psychoanalysis is best suited for persons who have a question about themselves. Common questions tend to be:

  • Am I a man or a woman?
  • Am I good or bad?
  • Am I gay or straight?
  • Am I dead or alive?


In addition to the question, they seek to direct it to someone who "should" know the answer to their query. What psychoanalysis aims to do is to disrupt the idea that an Absolute Other not only knows the answer but can actually resolve these questions. In the end, it is only the patient, as revealed in the psychoanalysis treatment, who can know and answer these questions for him or herself.

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