Group Therapy:

The Transforma Method is our unique version of traditional group intensive outpatient programs.

Learn more about how The Transforma Method differs from traditional group therapy.


Individual Therapy:

The MendCenter team treats individual patients with a variety of psychiatric conditions.


Psychological Testing:

Psychological testing can be employed to answer a variety of diagnostic and personality questions.



Patients and clinicians work together to identify underlying problematic patterns and behaviors.

why the mendcenter

Why The MendCenter

The MendCenter offers a range of treatment options aimed at guiding patients toward learning to live with their psychoses. Our dedicated team of clinicians is committed to providing each person with a treatment plan unique to his or her condition and therapy needs. We work with patients to help them achieve a more dignified experience. This includes establishing a safe physical and psychological space. The goal is not to impose a structure but rather to give patients the room and guidance to build their own.

Our treatment process begins with an initial assessment to determine the presence of the psychotic structure and ensure unique and appropriate treatment for each patient from the very start.

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